Australian Players Pokies Slot for Online Casino

Only in Australia you may find a term for slot machines tagged as slang name Pokies. Most International Developers of slot machines and online slot games uses this term in dealing with their Australian Customers.
History begun when a manufacturer lead by the name of Charles Fey invented famous Liberty Bell slot machine in 1899. After that two men followed by the names of Pitt and Sittman, when they developed poker in 1891 using 50 playing cards symbols and a 5 reels. Just to make the game more difficult they removed ten of spades and jack. Kinds of slot machines are online games and video slot machines. Ever since these various machines found along the road, pubs, and specifically in public places. Australians tagged them as pokies.
In 1953 the first machine was released and designed by the name of Joe Heywood. This was a big hit for the Aristocrat and saw a bright future for gambling. That is why that time they considered this electromechanical slot machine illegal. Joe Heywood designed called Clubman and replaced name in 1955 as Club master.
Only in 1956 in South Wales legalized it in registered clubs. These machines are all operated by pulling the arm and based on the three reel format with 1, 3 or 5 pay lines and the jackpot offered were small. These continued to happen for the next 30 years but even if there is no change in its design its popularity kept increasing.
The video slots came in the mid-1980s and replaced electromechanical slot machines. These had many pay lines and 5 reels. These gamble games and the free spin features and became sophisticated and the general appearance of the games is the video graphics. These changed slot games considerably. These became more popular that the electromechanical machines were tagged as pokies. Then it went online in the mid of 1990s. Once, Australia became the cyber casino capital of the world. This is because of their enthusiasm about online pokies. But in the year 2000 and 2001, Australian Government implemented two acts prohibiting Australian online gambling operators from catering to their citizens.
Like Australians, other players from other countries wager on same slot games. Both online casinos and slot games tagged as pokies when they are interacting with these Australian customers. The outcome is that they have to go to offline online casinos if they want to wager online.

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