Slots: A Short History of Its Transition to Online Gaming

Slot machines are probably the most iconic of all casino games. Not only because the sound that emanates from it is very familiar, but its method and rules are the simplest. You might say it takes half (or less) a brain to play one. Fair warning though, as is the case with games easy to play: it takes the effort of much of your brain to stop once you think you’re in a roll.
Slot machines have now been around for more than a century. Charles Fey invented the slot machine in 1895. He was able to sell the first one to Mills Novelty Company in 1907, thus giving it the name Mills Liberty Bell. Why Bell? The machine contained bells that were designed to ring once you won a spin. The 3 wheels that spin that matches symbols or reels basically contained real playing cards of kings, queens and jacks. By 1910, a slight variation came out known as the Operation Bell, with fruit symbols on the coin slots.
As with any form of technology, it underwent changes: from addition of more colorful symbols on the reels to the addition of reels themselves. North America experienced an explosion of slot machines in the 1940’s. As the years progressed, and as other technologies emerged, we see the slot has come to mold itself effectively with changes.
As older machines have only one line of symbols that if matched would indicate a win, or payline, newer machines have multiple paylines not only to accommodate the increasing number of reels and symbols, but to increase the chance of winning and hence further the enjoyment.
The emergence of computer software might have helped in shaping how we play the game now, but it is through the Internet that has given it access to a lot more people around the world who might never have stepped into a real casino and heard the sounds from a slot machine before. What is even better is that free online slot machines can be played, thankfully, for those who are starting, who are curious, or who are out of wagering anything.
Like in traditional land casinos, you can still choose between a progressive slot and regular slot. Progressive slot machines don’t have anything new to offer like better graphics, but they do provide the advantage of a progressively growing jackpot as the game continues. As well as having the choice of the number of reels, you sometimes have the choice of the symbols in some online slot machines. Computer based systems have random number generators in them to make sure that every game you play in that machine is governed by chance.
So the medium have changed much from heavy metallic machines, to wooden machines to reduce their noise, to computer based systems to add quirky graphics, to online software, and onto mobile devices. Essentially, the game remains pretty much the same.

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