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UpTownAces Casino
$8888 98.1% $8888 Welcome Bonus casino
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SlotsCapital Casino
$2777 98.0% $2777 Welcome Bonus casino
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MiamiClub Casino
$800 97.4% $800 Free Bonus casino
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DesertNights Casino
$10000 96.6% $10.000 Welcome Bonus casino
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GoldenRiviere Casino

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Customer Support Provided By Online Casinos 
Online casinos may have all the newest technologies and software’s incorporated in them, however, they still run into a few bumps from time to time. This is where the customer support personnel and the customer support feature in online casinos come in handy. The support staff may give assistance to players about the different online games that are on there website and they also provide customers with information and answers to questions they might ask. The staff personnel can still be approached even if a thing hasn’t gone wrong, because they also give assistance and advices to games in all the aspects related to their online casino. Especially for new clients who are unsure of the rule or terms of the online casino. They may contact the support staff to get clarifications on the matters they wish to know.  
There are many ways on how support is delivered to the client. One is the traditional way of using the telephone. This method has its downside because it is only limited to some locations such as the United State and Europe. Other clients from other countries have to pay this, thus increasing their costs of gambling online. Another downside of telephone support is that the process and the verification of information is time-consuming that the client may be forced to pay for the call. 
Here is another traditional way of customer support; sending and receiving support via email. Getting support through email may cost the client nothing but the response time takes about 24 hours in most online casinos depending on the situation. Waiting for 24 hours is a time you cannot afford to waste especially when serious matters arise, such as payments or winnings that you did not receive. Sometimes support via email doesn’t make the player feel contented. 
The best support and most effective is the live chat. Live chat support is the alternative to the disadvantages of phone and email support, so it is still best to find an online casino that provides all the forms of support like live chat, phone and email so you can ensure that you are served well and efficiently in all angles. The good thing about live chat support is that it provides support immediately and not having to wait for a day of response. In addition, live chat support is very easy to use. 
It is always best to keep in mind, when signing up in online casinos, is to read about their rules, terms and payment methods. Another important thing to consider are the forms of support they offer to customers. It’s a good idea to call the number they provide for customer support to make sure that they are operating legitimately. Do your research about their website before signing-up and giving out vital financial information. 

How to Be a Responsible Online Gambler 
Gambling is a recreational activity that should be played just for fun. The only reason it got involved in a lot of bad tangles lately is because there are gamblers who do not strive to become a normal gambler.  
A gambler is a responsible gambler if he does what it takes to stay legal and live normal like a real human being. A responsible gambler knows how to stop when he realizes he had enough. He does not stay long in a casino to chase gamblers just to win back what he lost. And a responsible gambler knows he has a real life and a real family which are more important than sitting in a poker room. 
Responsible gambling starts when a person begins to play in a legitimate online casino. This means that the player made his homework. When he signed up, he should have known that the online casino he just joined is one of the most reliable casinos online. He should have known and complied with the requirements, read the terms and conditions of the site and set aside a sufficient gamble budget. He sets his own limits and does not bet more than what he can afford. 
Gambling is a win-or-lose game. One has to lose. He has the right to be upset. But a responsible gambler does not resort to violence if he loses. Even a person playing online must learn to control his anger and should refrain from using violent words against his opponent. Flaring up will do no good but instead might worsen problems. A player who gets in verbal fight with an opponent may be banned from playing in that site again. Worse, angry online gamblers may take out his anger on his family members. The possibility is that someone in the household might get hurt. 
Gambling is a fun sport. Players should not play in casinos because they dream to become rich. Online casinos aren’t created to cater the greedy. Casinos are for people who want entertainment. People must be well-equipped with the knowledge to protect themselves from problem gambling. 
Responsible gambling must come with prevention. The world beyond normal gambling is not a pretty sight. People who reached that point may have recovered now but would not want to go back to the horrors they’ve been through. We have to always put in the back of our minds that gambling can be so nasty if get obsessed to it. Just like what they say, “Stop when the fun stops.” 

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